The Value of REALTOR Membership – Community

We Care for Your Community

Whether it’s sending aid to ­hurricane-devastated areas, building homes for low-income families, or collecting clothes for a local shelter, caring for communities is an important part of the REALTOR® mission. Through the REALTORS® Relief Foundation, tens of millions of dollars in aid have poured into communities hit by wildfires, tornadoes, floods, and […]

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The Value of REALTOR Membership – Media outreach

Media Outreach on Your Behalf

NAR is in constant contact with media outlets nationwide to provide accurate housing data and forecasts and to dispel myths about the industry. We speak to the media and, through social media channels, direct to the public on your behalf and that of buyers, sellers, and homeowners. We are a trusted […]

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Value of REALTOR Membership – The Brand

 A Strong Brand Behind Your Business

NAR communicates directly to consumers to let them know you’re the best in the industry through the award-winning, multimillion-­dollar Consumer Advertising Campaign, which educates the public on the benefits of working with a REALTOR® and how REALTORS® differ from other real estate practitioners. The REALTOR® global brand, which represents ethics and […]

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