CE Flyer Feb 2019

Brokers licensed prior to July 1, 2014

The state of Indiana requires all licensed real estate Brokers to complete 12 hours of continuing education each year of their 3-year license renewal cycle. A year in CE terms = July 1-June 30. The exceptions are for Managing Brokers and those Brokers newly licensed since July 1, 2014.   See below.

Brokers newly licensed July 1, 2014, and after

The 30 Hour Post-Licensing Course must be completed within two years of the issue date of the broker’s license by all brokers newly licensed July 1, 2014, and after. No other continuing education courses taken during this time period will count for them.

One question we have been receiving is whether a broker who has taken 12 hours of continuing education can count it toward the 30 hour post-licensing requirement. The answer is no. The 30 Hour course is a course in and of itself and must be completed in its entirety.

Another question being received from new brokers who fall under this rule is “When will I begin taking 12 hours of continuing education every year?” To help answer this question, see the chart below.


Save your certificate(s) somewhere safe. Give copies to your Managing Broker. You do not need to give copies to the Indiana Real Estate Commission/Professional Licensing Agency. You do not need to renew your license. You won’t do that until 2017 because all licensees are now on the same 3-year renewal cycle. The current cycle is July 1, 2014-June 30, 2017.