December 2015 Minutes

December 2015 Minutes          

A motion to approve the Minutes as distributed was made by Jennifer and seconded by Suzy; unanimously approved.  Treasurer’s report stands as presented, subject to audit.  (Charity Account Balance $4,496.97; Checking Account Balance $21,332.22; Assistance Fund $5.00)

Meeting called to order at 10:30 at the Elks (while decorating for the dinner)

Old Business:

Bingo – Diane reported that there was still money due from 4 sponsors. She will send new invoices out.  If those are collected that will add $400 to the charity balance.  Tyler made a motion to hold the funds in the charity account until we find out more about possibly purchasing a second bingo board.  Seconded by Jennifer and unanimously approved.  (We currently have the $2000 for scholarships for 2016 available, and will transfer money to the scholarship fund after we investigate the possible equipment purchase.)

Any new workers need to be added to the license application before January in order to get the April license in time for advertising, etc.  PLEASE ASK OTHER’S IN YOUR OFFICE TO HELP – AND HAVE THEM CONTACT DIANE TO BE ADDED TO THE LICENSE!

Christmas Plans –  Diane will pick up the remaining door prizes today.  Jennifer has the game ready and a few door prizes on hand.  David Taylor of Home Bank will be dropping off 3 door prizes at FC Tucker later today also.

Spring CE Proposal – RECN has offered to sponsor a course in Greencastle with Instructor Jay Rose.  Course would be held at GCC Children’s Center again this year.  Dates will be March 8-9, 2016, from 9:00-4:00 each day.  The cost for the 12 hour CE course will be $99 per person.  RECN will handle registrations on their website.  Diane will arrange the room and snacks.  PCBR will receive 25% of gross enrollments to cover our costs.  Motion by Cecil to accept RECN’s proposal, seconded by Rita; unanimously approved.

Slate of officers for 2016 – will be voted on at tonight’s dinner meeting.

Dues update – 9 members have paid as of 12/4/15.  Diane will send out reminders throughout December.  Late fee of $50 will be added to all members paying after 12/31/15.

New Business:

Donation requests – United Way of Putnam County, the American Red Cross, and the Putnam County 4-H Fair Board.

Following discussion (Jennifer Edwards abstained from voting on United Way):

Rita made a motion to donate $500 to the United Way of Putnam County (which also supports the Red Cross locally).  Seconded by Cecil and unanimously approved.

James made a motion to donate $1000 to the Putnam County 4-H Fair Board (Community Building Renovation Fund).  Seconded by Tyler and unanimously approved.  Funds for both will come from our general fund.

Membership Changes:

TCU has indicated that they wish to renew their Affiliate Membership, but the paperwork has not yet been received.

Other Business:

Diane reminded the members of the Professional Standards Committee that they will need to attend the annual training on February 2nd at the IAR legislative conference, and will need to register online.

Meeting Attendance:

Teresa Adams – President                            Jennifer Edwards – President Elect

Tyler Cox – Vice President                          Angie Long – Secretary (absent)

Michelle Skillern – Treasurer                      Rita Goss – Director

Suzy Schneider – Director                            James Knoebel – Director

Mary Looper – Director                               Mary Ann Pearson – Director

Cecil VanArsdale – Past President             Diane Ummel – EO

Meeting adjourned at 11:35 pm

Protect Your Clients in 60 Seconds

Last week, Congress extended the current Transportation Bill until Friday, Dec. 4. It gives U.S. House-Senate Conference Committee members extra time to settle differences between the two bill versions. The House bill includes a REALTOR®-supported amendment removing Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac credit risk guarantee fees (G-Fees) as a funding mechanism. The Senate bill relies on increased G-Fees to help finance the Transportation Bill.

Here’s why you should care:  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac charge lenders G-Fees to bundle, sell, and guarantee payment of principal and interest on their mortgage-backed securities. Lenders pass G-Fees on to mortgage seekers, adding to homeownership’s cost. NAR also believes taking G-Fees would prevent Fannie and Freddie from effectively managing risk.

Here’s what you can do about it:  Fill in your name and home address here to send a pre-populated letter to your U.S. Senators and Representative. Give a minute or less to prevent Congress from placing an unnecessary long-term burden on American homeowners

REALTOR® Call for Action

Call for Action on G-Fees Continues
Encourage your members to join the 134,000 REALTORS®—more than 14 percent of NAR’s membership—who have asked their federal lawmakers to oppose the proposed use for transportation projects of guarantee fees (g-fees) charged by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. G-fees add to the cost of obtaining a mortgage, and NAR is against using them for purposes not related to housing. 


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