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SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —®, a leading destination of online real estate services operated by News Corp

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February 2016 Minutes

A motion to approve the Minutes as distributed was made by James and seconded by Mary; unanimously approved. Treasurer’s report stands as presented, subject to audit. (Charity Account Balance $4,562.47; Checking Account Balance $35,318.06; Assistance Fund $5.00)

• Dues update: Paid – 77 Realtor, 3 Emeritus, 8 Affiliate. 4 Affiliates unpaid. Diane will follow up with the remaining Affiliates that are unpaid. (State Farm, Royal Title, Farm Credit, Crystal Clear Property Inspections) Board was asked to consider inviting other businesses to join as Affiliates.
• Professional Standards training update. Tyler and Chasity attended the IAR Training on the 2nd, while MaryAnn was unable to attend. All three are currently serving on the IAR Professional Standards Committee of which PCBR is a member. Diane will follow up with IAR to see if Mary Ann can get her training completed.
• Update on Bingo Board available from VFW in Roachdale for $200 – Tyler and James? No update was available. James will get with Tyler to review this before our March meeting.

• Shred Event – Earl & Co, CPA has agreed to sponsor ½ of the shred event at $200. Mr. Earl is contacting NSSB to see if they would co-sponsor with him for the remaining $200. Diane will follow up with NSSB as well.
• PCCF Scholarship Application Review –Diane will contact the Foundation with our paperwork and to find out when the applications will be ready for our review. Diane will also contact Beverly Hughes to see if she would be willing to serve on our Scholarship Committee this year as the Independent representative. Beverly has a son that is a GHS Freshman, and she is very active in PTO and other school committees and local groups. Traci Dobson’s mother-in-law is unable to serve on the committee at this time. (Note – Since our meeting, Beverly has consented to serve as our independent representative for 2016.)
• PCCF Endowment – Diane will update the 2016 disbursement form and return it as requested. We have $1504.40 available for disbursement. We need $495.60 from our pass-thru account in order to fulfill our $2000 scholarship payout in May and that money is ALREADY in the pass thru. (Note – we started our endowment with $12,000 in 2006 and since that time we have paid out $12,000 in scholarships and increased our balance to $38,364.06 as of 12/31/15.)
• GCSC asking for donation of a few bingo tickets for their Teacher Appreciation Raffle (we donated last year.) Jennifer made a motion to approve donating 2 tickets and a concession “gift certificate”, seconded by Jana and unanimously approved.

• The following members are now inactive for failure to pay their dues by 1/29/16:
Wayne Springmeyer (Farm and Wildlife Properties
Matt Springmeyer (Farm and Wildlife Properties)
(Note – Diane suggested that the Board may want to review our dues policy before the next billing cycle, as it is still confusing to members that go inactive or fail to pay by 12/31 what the consequences of their decision might be in regards to BLC and Zipform access, listings and showings, etc. This was tabled until April Meeting. Diane will provide the board with our current bylaw and operating procedure verbiage for review prior to the April meeting.)
• New Member Application – Sandy Thurman, Century 21 Wheeler Realty (motion to approve by Jennifer, seconded by Chasity and unanimously approved).
• Promote the March 8/9th CE Class in your offices! Put up a flyer and remind agents that the class filled up last year, so they need to register early.
• Date for March Board Meeting was agreed as Tuesday, March 8th during the lunch break of the CE class. Meeting will be held at approximately 11:30-12:30 at the CE class site (Greencastle Christian Church, Children’s Center) Diane will send out a reminder as this gets closer.
• It was brought to the Board’s attention that there are a few inactive members still being advertised in the PJJT and on yard signs as of February 1. Diane will contact the Managing Broker’s that this affects. As a reminder, once a member places their license with the State or in referral, they are considered “inactive” immediately. The Managing Broker is responsible for providing PCBR with a copy of all license transfers within 2 business days. The inactive member’s name should also be removed from all signs and advertising (before the next publication). An “inactive” member no longer has BLC privileges or access to ZipForms.
• Chasity shared that during the Professional Standards training at IAR earlier in the week, they addressed the issue of using Facebook to post Real Estate Listings. It is a violation of Facebook policy to sell ANYTHING on Facebook. Diane will send more information in the newsletter.
• Suzy asked for clarification on the new CE requirements for Managing Brokers and Broker/Owners. Diane will research that and forward the Association via email and/or the newsletter.

February 24th – AE Roundtable at IAR. Noon to 4:00pm (Diane to attend)
March 8/9th – 12 Hour REALTOR Continuing Education Course in Greencastle
April 23rd – Spring BINGO event at the Fairgrounds License #139783
May 14th – Community Shred Event at GMS Parking Lot
November 12th – Fall BINGO event at the Fairgrounds (Tentative date, pending license)

Board members present at this meeting were: Jennifer Edwards, MaryAnn Pearson, Jana Sillery, Traci Dobson, James Knoebel, Diane Ummel, Suzy Schneider, Chasity Wood, and Mary Looper. Absent were: Tyler Cox and Teresa Adams. Other members in attendance: Eric Wolfe.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm

February 2016 News

CALENDAR of Upcoming Events

Mar 8/9th – 12 hour REALTOR CE course in Greencastle  REGISTER SOON!

April 23 – Spring BINGO at the Fairgrounds to benefit Scholarship fund.  #139783

May 14 – Shred Event open to the Community from 8:30-10:30.

November 12 – Fall BINGO (Tentative date, pending license)

Membership Updates
• Sandy Thurman (Century 21 Wheeler Realty, Rockville) has applied for REALTOR membership for 2016.
• The following members have gone inactive or placed their licenses in of 1/31/16:
Wayne Springmeyer, Farm & Wildlife Properties
Matt Springmeyer, Farm & Wildlife Properties

Correction to last month – Jeff Bollman and Emily Gibson of Carpenter are both active with the Putnam County Board of REALTORS, not MIBOR.

If you plan to place your license in REFERRAL or go INACTIVE , please NOTIFY the Putnam County Board of REALTORS®.
To view the most current listing of local REALTOR members, Affiliate members, and local offices, check out our website.

All REALTOR members need 12 hours of CE — EACH YEAR!
A 12 hour Broker CE course will be offered in Greencastle on March 8-9th, 2016 at the Greencastle Christian Church Children’s Center. Instructor Jay Rose will return for this 2 day, 12 hour course. Cost is $99, and there will be a break for lunch. Remember that all Brokers must have 12 hours of Continuing Education each year under the new license laws. Register here.

Real Estate Renewals are not due until June 30, 2017. You will be notified 90 days prior to the renewal date when it is time to renew (as long as your contact information is up to date with IPLA).
The only thing due by June 30th of each year is the 12 hours of continuing education. Please keep your certificates on file in case you are selected for the CE audit at the close of the 2017 renewal period.
For more information on Real Estate Continuing Education, see page two below or go to

Facebook (and other Social Media) – Do you know the rules?
“Facebook is a powerful way to stay in touch with your past clients, friends, and sphere. It’s also a great way to show your network the multifaceted you. But Facebook is for friendship and sharing, not for selling, so be a personality, not a salesperson, when you post or update your status.”

Check out 10 Facebook Do’s and Don’ts such as this one at:
Facebook Do’s and Don’ts

Check out NAR’s Fieldguide to Facebook for REALTORS here:
Fieldguide to Facebook

Maybe you need to review the NAR Social Media Guide for Trademarks too:
NAR Social Media Trademark FAQs

Quick Facts:
• Brokers are required to complete 12 hours of CE every year from July 1st to June 30th.
• If your license status is ACTIVE or UNASSIGNED, you must complete the required CE to renew the license.
• If your license status is INACTIVE or REFERRAL, you are not required to complete CE to renew the license.
• If your license was issued on July 1, 2014 or after, you are required to complete the post-licensing education within 2 years of the date of issuance.
• Post-licensing education can be counted towards the required continuing education as outlined in 876 IAC 7-4-2. (see below)
• If you also hold the Managing Broker eligibility, 4 hours of the required 12 hours must be managing broker CE as outlined in 876 IAC 7-5-2. (see below)
876 IAC 7-4-2 Post licensing education required
Authority: IC 25-34.1-2-5; IC 25-34.1-3-10
Affected: IC 25-1-4; IC 25-34.1-9
Sec. 2. (a) An individual issued a broker license after June 30, 2014, must, during the first two (2) years after the license was issued, take and pass thirty (30) hours of commission approved post licensing education as provided for in section 3 of this rule.
(b) Failure of a broker to complete the thirty (30) hours of commission approved post licensing education required by subsection (a) will subject the broker to action under IC 25-1-4.
(c) Completion of thirty (30) hours of post licensing education as provided for in this rule fully satisfies any continuing education that otherwise would have been required under IC 25-34.1-9 and 876 IAC 7-5 for two (2) continuing education years. The continuing education year during which the broker is initially licensed shall not count toward calculating the two (2) continuing education years. Therefore, the broker shall not be required to obtain continuing education under IC 25-34.1-9 and 876 IAC 7-5 until the third continuing education year after the continuing education year in progress when the broker is initially licensed.
(Indiana Real Estate Commission; 876 IAC 7-4-2; filed May 22, 2014, 11:50 a.m.: 20140618-IR-876140061FRA, eff Jul 1, 2014)
876 IAC 7-5-2 Continuing education requirements for managing brokers
Authority: IC 25-34.1-9-21
Affected: IC 25-34.1-9-11
Sec. 2. (a) Under IC 25-34.1-9-11, at least four (4) hours of the twelve (12) hours a broker that holds a managing broker designation is required to obtain in a continuing education year must be dedicated to the necessary business and management skills and legal knowledge needed by a managing broker.
(b) The four (4) hour requirement under subsection (a) shall apply in any continuing education year that the broker functions as a managing broker for any period of time.
(Indiana Real Estate Commission; 876 IAC 7-5-2; filed May 22, 2014, 11:50 a.m.: 20140618-IR-876140061FRA, eff Jul 1, 2014)

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