The deadline for voter registration is October 5th.  If you register to vote in person at your local county voting center, the deadline to register is the close of business.  However, if you register online, the deadline is midnight on October 5th.  Here are some other important deadlines to consider and share with your members:

October 5th        Deadline to Register to Vote

October 6th        Early Voting begins

October 22nd     Last Day to request an absentee ballot

November 2nd   Last Day of early voting

November 3rd    NOON—Deadline for absentee ballots to be received in order to be counted

November 3rd    ELECTION DAY!

Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson has made a web site available for questions from individual voters. For local boards seeking core standards recognition for promoting voting-related activities, this is a handy information portal to share with members.  Click here to check the status of your registration, locate your polling place,  or locate vote centers in each county where you can vote early and in-person

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