2024 Scholarship Application to open fall of 2023

2023 Scholarship winners:

Abigail Nees of Cloverdale High School
Elijah Callahan of Greencastle High School
Levi O’Neal of North Putnam High School
Brock Heavin of South Putnam High School


2022 Scholarship winners:

Evan Scott of Cloverdale High School
Ben Staggers of Greencastle High School
Annabelle Gross of North Putnam High School

2021 Scholarship winners:

Braden Mann of Cloverdale High School
Mabel Lewis of Greencastle High School
Reghan Christy of North Putnam High School
Bree Mahoney-Sutherland of South Putnam High School

Our Scholarship

In 2006, the Putnam County Board of REALTORS created an Endowment with the Putnam County Community Foundation with an opening balance of $12,000. Our goal was to create a Scholarship Fund to benefit local High School Seniors pursuing a career in real estate or a related field.

The first year we awarded (1) $500 scholarship to a graduating Putnam County High School student. In 2009, we began raising additional money for our Scholarship Fund through an annual charity Bingo event, making it our goal is to award a $500 scholarship to each of the 4 County High Schools. The success of the Bingo events has allowed us to award $2000 in scholarships each year since.

As of May 2021 we have awarded almost $30,000 in scholarships, and grown our endowment to over $110,000. Scholarships awarded in May of 2021 were in the amount of $1000 each.  Scholarship amounts are subject to change annually, and are determined by the scholarship committee.

The Board of REALTORS is dedicated to honoring the hard working students that are the future of our community. We know that their dreams may take them far from Putnam County, but we hope that they will always be proud to call Putnam County home.

2019 Scholarship winners:

Rylan Hall of Cloverdale High School (R)
Andrew Fajt of Greencastle High School;
Shalyn Nelson of North Putnam High School (L)
Braden Weddle of South Putnam High School (2nd from R)



Ryan Heavener – Cloverdale High School
Cecilia Pohlar – Greencastle High School
Morgan Asher – North Putnam High School
Sarah Danner – South Putnam High School



Devon McCune – Cloverdale High School Colin Dombrowski – Greencastle High School Sierra Spencer – North Putnam High School Megan Arnold – South Putnam High School



2018 Scholarship winner Jacob Scott of North Putnam High School
along with REALTOR Ron Smith and Executive Officer Diane Ummel.
Other 2018 winners not pictured:
Maggie Meyers of Greencastle High School
and Ryan Neumann of South Putnam High School.



Christopher Moghadam – Cloverdale High School
Quinci Miller – Greencastle High School
Jacob Riggen – North Putnam High School
Morgan Aker – South Putnam High School



ScholarshipWinners2014Mitchell Stacy – Cloverdale High School
Nathan Criss – South Putnam High School
Alexandria Land – North Putnam High School
Alexandra Stoffregen – Greencastle High School



Bradanne Toney – Cloverdale High School
Ciera Wood – South Putnam High School
Josie Parent – North Putnam High School
Landon Miller – Greencastle High School



Kaitlin Arnold – Cloverdale High School
Madison Marstellar – Greencastle High School
Tari Straziscar – North Putnam High School
Nathan Eubank – Greencastle High School



Erica Looper – Cloverdale High School
Jacob Gould – South Putnam High School
Ashley Novak – North Putnam High School
J.T. Hennette – Greencastle High School



Drew Cash – South Putnam High School



Andrew Harrison – Greencastle High School



Sarah “Grace” Fisher – Greencastle High School



Kristen Frye – North Putnam High School

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